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We have been on a week's holiday to Gladstone over new year.

After the disappointment of spending Christmas in hospital we were elated to spend a week over new year with Jan's brother in Gladstone.


We have been to the coastal Town of 1770 (where Captain James Cook first set foot on Australia) for 3 days in the sun. From here we have taken a boat (2 hour journey) out to the great barrier reef. Snorkeling on the reef is absolutely fantastic - we saw water tortoises, 7,000 year old corals and many colourful fish.


Have you ever heard of a LARC? Well, neither have we until we have been in one. These are old army amphibious vehicles that are now used for commercial purposes. We have explored the mountains, sea and coast in one of these. Not sure why they are painted pink!


And then we had crab day. Big mud crabs that can take your finger off. Have a look at the size of the one in the picture! You can feed a family on a crab like this.

Coast line not far from Town of 1770